Who am I?
My name is Evgeniia Tokmakova. I was born in 1999 in a big city in Siberia called Krasnoyarsk. In 2010 I was studying in a middle school in Bulgaria for one year and then came back to Russia. In 2018, after graduating, I decided to migrate to the Czech Republic. I got my Bachelor's degree in Musicology and after that, I decided that I want to find another program that will suit me better. In 2022 I started my second bachelor's degree in KISK and in the middle of the year moved on to the master's degree in KISK. I thought that I wouldn't be able to join the master's degree because it is a whole new program for me, but I was ascertained by one of the students. 
I am able to speak 4 languages which are: Russian, English, Bulgarian, and Czech. I love to learn languages because this is a way you can open people's hearts and see more about their culture. One of my tools to practice my creativity is photography. I am doing photography since 2020 and I love how this activity combines creativity, psychology, financial literacy, business literacy, soft skills, and project management. 
What is your motivation to study at KISK?
I was lost for my whole bachelor's degree. I was always asking myself: what am I doing? Where am I heading? Do I see myself in this study field? And I was stressed and depressed because of realizing that I have no clue what I want to do in my life. In 2020 I found myself doing photography and then I realized that I want to have a study that contains a creative approach and which can give me not only knowledge and theory but also a huge amount of practice. 
One of my friends was talking so much about her experience in KISK that I caught her energy. I heard so much about the individual approach you can get in KISK, what can you study, and how many doors are opened. Probably my main motivation is to find myself, find what I like, and what exactly I would like to do in my life. And I see KISK as a platform where you can do a lot of different projects which will allow you to look inside yourself and decide what is yours and what is not. 
What are your expectations and goals?
While I was studying Musicology we had a pretty small group which contained only 3 people at the end. At KISK I would like to find friends and buddies with which we can create crazy projects and help each other. I expect to have interesting and useful subjects that will help me to improve my skills not only in university but in real life. Gain a lot of practice and join a lot of projects also on my checklist. I can show myself and what am I capable of. I am waiting for challenges that will make me even stronger. 
I also started to visit subjects from Informatic Faculty, which are about graphic design, typography, and animation and I expect to improve my skills and that this will give me a chance to try myself as a graphic designer.

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